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Welcome to Lowtek Games

Lowtek Games is a new indie run by Alastair Low studio focused on creating games and tools to help dyslexic players enjoy games more.
We create new retro homebrew games for the NES, dreamcast and current platforms.


The Games



Playhead is a puzzle platformer game set inside an online media player. Use the familiar media bar
mechanics to manipulate time and solve a variety of mind bending puzzles.

Take control of Scrub, a bot who has been tasked with finding and fixing all the glitches in the videos on the site.
As time goes on  you find out there is bigger problems at play.
Heres the trailer and kickstarter video

Play the demo on itchio or Steam

itch Steam


Flea! NES Homebrew

The Game is made using the Nesmaker Game engine. Play as a flea who just cant stop jumping.
A hard core platformer, prefect for speedrunners with a Groose backstory.
Get the Demo now on itch. Fully Funded on kickstarter.
OUT NOW!! Play the Online Demo HERE

Flea1 Flea2 Flea3
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Evercade itch Steam Dreamcast NES

"Flea has proven to be our most played game on the Indie Heroes cart. It's absolutely fantastic."
- Retro Gamer Magazine,

"Flea, one of my favorite indie gamer there" "Flea! Is very addictive"
- Metal Jesus Rocks

“Never played anything like Flea... It's NES's Meat Boy/N+”
- Indie Gamer Chick

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Flea Jump!

Flea jump is an endless jumper featuring blood thirsty parasites. Play as Henry the hyperactive flea who just
can’t stop jumping. Jump higher and higher to collect blood, unlock new power ups and place on the world leaderboard.
OUT NOW ! Flea Jump! will be available on iOS and Android

TIGA finalist

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Tapeworm NES Homebrew

The game was over 200% funded on kickstarter and should be available later this year.

A gridbased puzzle game in the Flea universe where you play as a night club owning tapeworm.

Play the Online Demo HERE

Flea1 Flea2 Flea3
Availiable on These platforms. Lick the links to be redirected.

  itch Steam Dreamcast NES


A Familiar Fairytale: Dyslexic text Based Adventure

This game was created to help other feel the frustration of having dyslexia.
You play as a small fox a fairy tale story with Kings, Queens and witches.
We don't claim to be actually like what a dyslexic persons sees, but merely a simulation of the frustration.

tiga dinalist rezed left field collection egx

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Bowl Em Down

Scream your way to victory in this Free to play infinite Roller.
Unlock a range of skins from LGBT flags to galaxies and even a familiar looking flea.
Available on Android Play store and iOS.

Availiable on These platforms. Lick the links to be redirected.
  Playstore Playstore

Prototypes And Other Projects

These games are in early stages. We feel they have potential and could become full releases in the future.


PEAKS board game

Peaks is a board game of skill and luck for 2 players where the objective is to match black and white sides of triangles
before the other player. However only 2 of the triangles sides are visible at any one time leaving an air of mystery
to other side. Players take turns to roll a dice which gives them an amount of points to spend per turn.
A list of moves for varying costs are used during the players turn, moves include; turning, swapping, stealing triangles etc.

Play Head

PlayHead is a puzzle platformer which uses a video player interface to control the flow of time.
There are a lot of puzzle ideas to explore here.

Early web prototype available here:


Cross stitch

Cross stitch animation tests. We are working on an editor.

Crossstitch explosion



The Tools

Dislectek is a unity plugin which allows developers to quickly and easily add Dyslexic friendly text to speech options to their game.
For years dyslexic players have been ignored but their struggles are real. It's estimated that as many as 1 in 5 people are dyslexic.
This means that if you have lengthy dialogue, tutorial text, hidden notes or item descriptions 20 % of your potential audience may just
skip that content.

OUT NOW to the Unity asset store and itchio for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


Dislectek Bar

We plan on including Dislectek in our future games built in Unity to showcase the tool.

get it on the asset store get it on itch


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