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The Games


Flea! NES Homebrew

The Game is made using the Nesmaker Game engine. Play as a flea who just cant stop jumping.
A hard core platformer, prefect for speedrunners with a Groose backstory.
Get the Demo now on itch. Fully Funded on kickstarter.
OUT NOW!! Play the Online Demo HERE

Flea1 Flea2 Flea3
Evercade itch Steam Dreamcast NES



Tapeworm NES Homebrew

The game live on kickstarter now!

A gridbased puzzle game in the Flea universe where you play as a night club owning tapeworm.

Play the Online Demo HERE

Flea1 Flea2 Flea3


A Familiar Fairytale: Dyslexic text Based Adventure

This game was created to help other feel the frustration of having dyslexia.
You play as a small fox a fairy tale story with Kings, Queens and witches.
We don't claim to be actually like what a dyslexic persons sees, but merely a simulation of the frustration.
Apearing at EGX leftfield collection 2020.

Playstore itch Steam


PEAKS board game

Peaks is a board game of skill and luck for 2 players where the objective is to match black and white sides of triangles
before the other player. However only 2 of the triangles sides are visible at any one time leaving an air of mystery
to other side. Players take turns to roll a dice which gives them an amount of points to spend per turn.
A list of moves for varying costs are used during the players turn, moves include; turning, swapping, stealing triangles etc.


Play Head

PlayHead is a puzle platformer whitch uses a video player interface to controll the flow of time.

Bowl Em Down

Scream your way to victory in this Free to play infinite Roller.


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