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Lowtek Games are the games made by Alastair Low.

The Games

A Familiar Fairytale: Dyslexic text Based Adventure

This game was created to help other feel the frustration of having dyslexia.
You play as a small fox a fairy tale story with Kings, Queens and witches.
We don't claim to be actually like what a dyslexic persons sees, but merely a simulation of the frustration.

Curently in early access on itch.io

PEAKS board game

Peaks is a board game of skill and luck for 2 players where the objective is to match black and white sides of triangles
before the other player. However only 2 of the triangles sides are visible at any one time leaving an air of mystery
to other side. Players take turns to roll a dice which gives them an amount of points to spend per turn.
A list of moves for varying costs are used during the players turn, moves include; turning, swapping, stealing triangles etc.