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3D Gallery

3D Videos:

The Art Collector: Honours Project (Alpha1)

This video shows the first alpha game play of all 5 levels of my honours project at Aberaty university. (Note the loading times are longer in the running build and it dose not have the loading screen, edited to cut down time in the walkthrough) Made in the blender game engine.

Video Collage: Honours Preject First Semester Tests

This video shows most of the media tests I did for my first semester of my honours year at Abertay. I’m focusing on non-photorealistic rendering for games and emulating traditional media in a real-time game engine.

Harker Vampire Hunter: Uni Group Project (Art Lead and CharacterArtist)

This video shows the work i did for 3rd year group project where teams are given briefs from clients and have to make games together. I was lead artist and character artist, this is what I produced. I also made a visual style guide and pipeline to help everyone get the assets into the engine as hassle free as possible.


Game Jam Videos:

Go Away Mr Bear: Scottish Game Jam Dundee (Best Art Winner)

We enterd as a team of 4, and made this game in 2 days at Abertay.
I did all the 3d work.
Here is the link to the global game jam post:

You Are the Dragon: Ludum Dare 25 (2nd Prize of Graphics)

Ludum dare is an online, 48 hour game jam whitch hapens a couple times
a year. I enterd this on my own using the blender game engine and won second prize for graphics.
link to ludum post(download):