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DiSLECTEK is a Unity asset that allows the developer to quickly and easily add assistive, dyslexia focused text to the speech system to their game. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 people are dyslexic. This project was created to allow those people to enjoy the games they otherwise wouldn't. I am dyslexic and the only thing that works for me is text to speech, so that's what we built.


Lowtek Games founder Alastair Low is severely dyslexic. He, like many others, has struggled with reading in games from not knowing when to attack in final fantasy 7 to any item descriptions in Dark Souls and the apparently hilarious dialogue in games like Undertale. He was excited to see some developers include dyslexia options in their games but was left unsatisfied with most implementations being simple font swaps to fonts that have been proven to have little effect in multiple studies. So he began designing a system that he thought could be universal across all games and easily implemented. An InGAME R and D voucher was granted to the project in 2020 and the Development of the prototype began. -

How it works for the Developer:
They import the package.
Link a ui menu button prefab to toggle the tool on and and off.
And that's it.

How it works for the player:
The player enables the option in the games menu then presses an onscreen button or keyboard key which brings up an overlay and pauses the game.
The player then clicks on any text in the agem and it is read aloud to them.
The pause is to allow for the player to go through any option without any time pressure as speed of processing is often something affected by dyslexia.
The player can also adjust options like volume speed type of voice.

Future Plans:
We hope to expand upon this tool to support more platforms and potentially more engines further down the line.


  • Windows and Mac
  • Easy to implement
  • Small bundle size
  • Allows dyslexic users to read text in your game
  • Supports user installed voices


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Tutorial1 YouTube

Tutorial2 YouTube


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There are currently no logos or icons available for DiSLECTEK. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "InGame Voucher" This tool was granted R and D funding by InGame in Dundee.

Selected Articles

  • "“I think just extremely easy, not any trouble at all”​"
    - Developer User tester1, NA

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Confrence Micro talk
Confrence Micro talk about Dyslexia in games by Ally Low https:.

About Lowtek Games

Currently a two man studio that outsources stuff when needed. The studio is focused on making fun, challenging, puzzling games that are dyslexia friendly.

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