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2D Videos:

Antons Adventure: Dare Plus 2012

Team of 4 made this game for dare plus 2012 in 4 weeks.
Avalible on Google Play Store (Android Market) Here

Flee Free: Android App

Jumpand swipe your waythrough this crazy retroinfestation.FleeFree is a 2d action adventure game where you play as Henri Mcgee the Hyperactive flee on his quest to restore the blood pools of the beast.
Swipe the screen in an intuitive way to navigate the levels.
Avoid the Enemies and obstacles, and collect the precious blood glasses to progress to new areas.
Explore the wacky world of Beast and all its parasites.

Avalible on Google play HERE!!!


Badger the Badger: Dare to Jam Entry

This was me and my flatmate pragrammers entry for Dare to jam 2011. We made an iPhone prototype in 3 days and had a lot of fun.My first game jam.